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Syria with Love, Peace, Honey & Moassel, Tons of Moassel..
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Sunday, February 06, 2011


TABLE OF CONTENTS: Pick a title below or from Labels (left-hand column)

 US Man in Aleppo (Syria) & Political “Opponent” Wasim Maziak Celebrates 10-Years’ Old “Concerns” over the Health of US Hookah (Shisha) Users

Kamal’s Masterpiece (2002-2012): “Ten Post-11/9 Great Myths about Hookah (Shisha, Narghile) Smoking & Public Health”

2011 REVELATION. Big Tobacco (cigarettes) in Bed (Funding) with Big Pharma Against Shisha Bubbling Rival & Outsider !

Hookah Smoking Prophet. The “British Medical Journal” Turns Xenophobic in Article Inspired by Danish “Cartoons”

Hookah, Health & Prohibition. US WarMongering & Military Anthropology Stupidity Award to Senator Brian BOQUIST, R-Dallas, about Middle East Peace Pipe

Think of Pigs, Think Like Pigs ! As if Jews & Muslims Hadn't Other Concerns Than That Framed Totalitarian Prohibitionist Artefact-Based Hatred Media Campaign Launched by Chief Imam & Rabbi Simon CHAPMAN

Bertrand Dautzenberg & Jean-Yves Nau Plagiarism Cancer. Its FARES Reaching Metastases in Belgium, Harbingers of Antismoking Totalitarianism

Dégage ! (Hands Off Egypt !), Say Egyptian People & Shisha Pharaohs to Totalitarian FCTC Prohibitionists!

Tunisian Graffiti. Pushing the Revolt Further, Against that Totalitarian Antismoking Ideology So Alien to Tunisian Culture !

Patrick Plagiat d’Arvor, Bertrand et Jean-Yves. Le plagiat , cette habitude bien française…

Smoking Bans, Religion & Fatwas by Fax! How the World Health Organization (WHO) Actually Manipulates Religious Leaders and Populations of the World

Inquisition at Inhalation Toxicology Journal. Editor-in-Chief Dr Donald GARDNER Agrees with Pit Bull “Peer-Reviewer” Who Calls to Burning Hookah Books

Wasim MAZIAK Sells «Arab Way of Smoking» Apocalypse for Quick US Prohibitionist Intervention in Narghilistan

The Tragedy of Shisha Patronymic Determinism : Shishani, Shihadeh, Shawashi…

Narghilistan : A Hot Summer in ««Waterpipe»»-Blitzed Lands

Hamas, Don’t Be More Catholic Than the Popes of Shisha ««Waterpipe »»™ Smoking Prohibition!

Shisha Charcoal & the Carcinogenic ««Waterpipe»»™ Millionaire Experts of the US-American University of Beirut

Cross-Eyed ««Waterpipe»»™ Antismoking Millionaire Casts Longing Glances at Tunisia!

Genotoxic Jordanian Antismoking ««Waterpipe»»™ Experts!

Lebanese Narghile Tobacco Kontrol Sex Maniacs Strike Again !

Long Live Iraqi Resistance to Imperialism, Terrorism, Torture & Prohibition of Smoking in the Name of the WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control

Hookah (Hubbly-Bubbly) Apartheid in South Africa and Pr Yussuf Saloojee’ Striking Bias (Videos)

Waterpipegate and Climategate : Man Made Hookah (Shisha, Narghile, ""Waterpipe"") Side-Stream Smoke and Climate Change

Narghile Super Women, Hookah Super Girls and the Future of Shisha Science

Sex Maniacs in French Antismoking Organizations Abuse of Public Money

Dr Rima Nakkash, US-AUB Ambassador of Shisha Prohibition in the Arab World

““Waterpipe””™ Millionaire Experts Become an Emerging Health Crisis in the United States of America

Support the Juggling Gypsy's Smoking Show against Pseudo-Scientific Tobacco Prohibition !

Fighting Prohibition, its Commercial Interests & the Passive Smoking Fraud : Hookah “Smoking Ban Debate Rages On” in Chapel Hill, NC (ABC)

The Tragic Death of Akmal and His Dream

Syria Dismantles its Mass Entertainment Weapons ! Does Historic Ban on Smoking in Hospitality Venues Means Secret Big Deal with New US Administration?

UNDP Sexy Report Reveals that Shisha Poses Threat to “Human Security in Arab States”

Joanna in Wonderland. Anti-Fruit Smoking Activism at the US-American University of Beirut

CNN “Social Smoke” Business Success Story by Iranian Born Hookah Entrepreneur: Ain’t a Dig at WHO Treaty on Tobacco Control (FCTC) ?

Swine Flu Epidemic : Hookah Smoking Huge Aggravating Factor !

«Health Debate» Between Maziak and… Maziak ! Renewed Antismoking Media Propaganda by “Journalist” Matt Erickson for The Kansas City Star

BAREFACED LIAR ! Wasim Maziak :“No Research into Hookah Use Existed Before 2002” ! (to The Detroit News, Michigan)

BBC. UK Shisha Experts 450 More Dangerous for Public Health Than Cigarette Experts. BBC Accused of Gross Exaggeration

BBC NEWS: Shisha 450 Times Worse than Cigarettes, New Research Reveals. Swine Flu Link Now Established

In Defense of Burqa against the Relevant Background of Tobacco Prohibition

Unethical German Gas Chamber Study Published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal

Narghile, Sex and the US-American Univer-City of Beirut... Tobacco Control, Prostitution and the City of Bombay...

Powerful Collaboration with the California’s Clean Air Project: "Hookah in Your Community: Ideas for Action"

New Study Finds Hookah Carbon Monoxide Most Hazardous Type of All Existing Carbon Monoxides in the World

Hookah ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke) for Beginners

Minnesota Smoking Somalis Humanitarian Crisis. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine Publishes a Lie and Will Not Correct It

"United Kingdom Ban on Smoking in General and on Hookah Smoking in Particular Should NOT Stay", Analysts Say

Tetralogy of Hookah World Premieres Now Complete with Pioneering Study on Hookah and Cigarette Passive Smoking (Environmental Tobacco Smoke)

What Do Anti-Smoking Researchers and Organizations Mean with Their Permanent Psychological War on So-Called Comfits of Interests ?

The Pediatrics Journal Publishes ““Waterpipe””™ Millionaires' Renewed Libel & Lies about Their Own and Others' Comfits of Interests

«Post hoc Censorship» Editor-in-Chief & World ““Waterpipe””™ Millionaire Experts Scared by The Sacred Narghile’s "Undeclared" Comfits of Interests !

Comfits of Interest, WHO TobReg, Globalink, Tobacco Control, etc. : Double Standard and/or Hypocrisy ?

Jeremy ROSKIN & Paul AVEYARD Bashed Again for the Poor Quality of a Second «Qualitative» Study, on English and Canadian Students

Breaking News: Jews against Palestinian Massacre in Gaza (Dec 2008)

Shoe Throwing Journalist and World Hero Muntazer Al-Zaidi, Harbinger of Coming Hookah Hurlers ?

Hail Iranian President and his Anti-Prohibition Stance ! Support Iran’s Right to Maintain its Traditional Mass Entertainment Weapons ! “Press Agency” : Lemon Squeezer of Scientific Integrity

For a Handful of Dollars… WHO Group Funds Biased and Erroneous Shisha Study in Pakistan

Anna Purdy’s Touching and Sincere Testimonial. How, as an Ex-Hookah Smoker, She Eventually Realized How Bad Her Habit Was
New Conjuring Trick by US-American University of Beirut’s Illusionists. Tons of Aldehydes Found in Narghile (Hookah, Shisha) Smoke… You’re Dead !

Mind Boggling Epidemiology and Geopolitics ! New US-Syrian ““Waterpipe””™ Study in IJTLD Regards Israel as Part of the Arab World !

EXPLOSIVE WORLD PREMIERE: Joint Egypt-Saudi-French Nuclear Study Establishes Hazards of Iran Mass Entertainment Weapon (Hookah Smoking)

““Waterpipe””™: Time for Action on Scientific Integrity and Accountability, Sacking, and Paying Back Funding of Useless Biased ““Waterpipe””™ Research

PASSIVE SMOKING. Top Tobacco Authoritative Expert Debunks European Report (“Lifting the SmokeScreen"). Asks: “Epidemiological Study or Manipulation ?"

The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Publishes a Junk Pakistani ““Waterpipe””™ Study and another one Citing a Junk Reference

Plagiarism and Flavors. Bertrand DAUTZENBERG, President OFT, Comes Back with a New Definition for Shisha: a ““War to Tobacco” Tobacco Product" !

Robert PROCTOR: Tobacco Control is NOT Tobacco Kontrol. Man Who Forgot “Forgotten” Study by “Forgotten Father of Experimental Tobacco Carcinogenesis"

0% TAR ? How Censorship and Confusion Are Leading to Misregulation of Hookah Tobacco-Molasses Products

Pakistani-French Team Publishes Historic Study on Hookah Smoking and Cancer

Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Prominent Top Tobacco Specialist in France Publishes Critical Analysis in Réalités Cardiologiques [“Tabagisme Passif"]

Pire-Review: Head of US-Syrian Centre Gives English Lessons to Native English ““waterpipe””™ Researchers… Watch Online the Birth of a New "Study"

Go Syria This Summer to Attend US-Course in US-English by World US and US-Supported ““Waterpipe””™ Experts and Earn US $ 500 !

French Hookah Site Indicted by Friend’s Friend [ et la moralité de certaines organisations "anti-tabac" françaises]

The USA, Smokeless Tobacco (SNUS), Narghile (Hookah), and Us [L’Amérique (US), le tabac sans fumée (SNUS), le narguilé, et nous...]

Hookah Bars in Paris Fight Smoking ban. Abdelkader El-Ahmer, Owner of Houara Lounge, Is a World Hero in Tobacco Prohibition Times

Bury the Peace Pipe and Dig it Up Again: Iran Between US Prohibitionism and National Sovereignty, Freedom, Dignity and Persian Art de Vivre

International Journal of Public Health Endorses Multiple Errors by US-American University of Beirut Team. Violation of Biomedical Publication Ethics

Biomedical Fitna in the Eyes of Little Red Riding Hood. Neo-Orientalism, Symbolic Violence and Intolerance in Research on Narghile (Hookah, Shisha)

The Invention of Hookah (Shisha, Narghile) «Passive Smoking» through Repeated Scientific Misconduct and Fraud. Lebanon & Syria

The « Anti-Tobacco » Industry Crimes. Owner of Houara Hookah Lounge in Critical State as He Enters 4th Week of Hunger Strike

“Hookah (shisha, narghile) “Passive Smoking” is a Fraud [Le « tabagisme passif » du narguilé est un leurre]

The Satanic Verses of Hookah and Passive Smoking (1st Part)

May 1968-2008 in Paris: Police is Here to Stay (Paris, 40 ans après Mai 68: la police (de la pensée, pseudo-scientifique, ...) est toujours là...)

In Rare Historic Video Interview, Prominent Public Health Scholar in France Smokes Out Truth and Nothing But Truth about Tobacco & “Second-hand Smoke"

All Hookah Addicts of the World, Let’s All Chant…ix !

Hookah Addiction Theories. A Call to all Independent Researchers to Avoid the “Nicotine Dependence” Dogma and the ““Waterpipe”” Worldwide Fraud

The “Nicotine and Tobacco Research” Journal Endorses a Scientific Error as Big and Carcinogenic as a Yemeni Narghile Bowl !

Imported Prohibition is Antithetic to French Values, Experts Say. How France Bravely Resists Harsh Assaults on Civil Liberties

Syria, Iran and the Threat Posed by Hookah Smoking to the Free Civilized World

“Anti-Tobacco” Organisations Exposed: Official Scientific Trustworthy Source States that Their Objective is “making global public health history”

Has WHO Falsified Translation into Arabic in order to Avoid Outrage over Statement on Hookah Use by Children and Parents in the Arab World ?

WHO TobReg (Study Group for Tobacco product REGulation): More Democratic than the UN Insecurity Council...

1967-2007: Aqui se Queda la Clara. A Tribute to Ernst WYNDER and Ernesto Che GUEVARA

Serious Errors in World Health Organization New Report on “Scientific Basis of Tobacco Product Regulation”

Revelations about Hookah and Cancer

Shocking ! Two Well Regarded Scientists Go Beyond All Acceptable Limits by Giving Tips to Hookah (Narghile, Shisha) Smokers !

Study on US “Waterpipe”™ Users by US-Syrian Center: from Serious Errors to ““Waterpipe”” Fixation, Fallacies, Fallacism and Religious Obsession, etc.

Seven Thousand Billions of Ultra Fine Smoke Particles in a Single Hookah (Narghile, Shisha) Session and Yet their Users are Still Alive…

Two Prominent Public Health Scholars on Alcohol & Tobacco Policies Warn: Moral Hygienism, State Puritanism or Industrial Lobbies ?

“Caution: Don't go near the water pipe” ! A Recipe on How to Make 21st Century Depressive Red Skins’ Middle East Peace Pipe Popularity Grow Again

Partisan «Waterpipe»™ Junk Science Unlimited, Inc.

Cochrane 2007 Review Masquerade on ““Waterpipe”™ Smoking Cessation” (Wasim Maziak, Thomas Eissenberg, Kenneth Ward) Is Summertime Blues !

"McCarthyism is Alive and Well in the Anti-Smoking Movement" Says Pr Michael SIEGEL

The Power of Cuture and its Lancet : Ethnology. Hookah as a Globe-Trotter (La puissance de la culture et son bistouri: l’ethnologie. Le narguilé...)

“Waterpipe”™ and Communicable Serious Errors. The Lancet ID (Infectious Diseases) Publishes an Erroneous Piece of News but Will Not Correct It

>> The Manifesto of the Observatory on Hookah and Health

A New Apprentice-Plagiarist on Stage: Tobaccologist Patrick LOUICHE

The Cat is out of the Bag! French Health Minister Urged to Give Reprimand to CNCT: «Blâme à l’encontre du CNCT (Comité National Contre le Tabagisme)»

Critique of Open Letter to President of French Republic: « Lettre ouverte au Président de la République » par la Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer

World “Waterpipe”™ Experts Celebrate with 2 Comments 10,000 Hits (20,000) Reached by Critique of Erroneous WHO Report on Hookah Smoking

Unlike UK, France Heading Towards Wide Protests against Controversial Ban on Shisha (Hookah, Narghile) Lounges [Décret Anti-Tabac Narguilé Chicha]

Official "Waterpipe"™ “Experts” Launch Star War against Shisha (Hookah, Narghile) Smoke Particles

Paediatricians of the World, Unite against Neo-Obscurantism ! UK SHISHA BAN

Libya Now Victim of ““Waterpipe””™ Contamination. Another Twist of the “Bulgarian Nurses” Series ?

US Public Health Organizations Myths about Hookah Smoking (Lung Cancer, etc.) Debunked

Recent Book by French Scholar Pr DAUTZENBERG and French Journalist J.-Y. NAU Would be Intellectual Piracy According to Specialist

Defamation: How Teams in Brown and Georgetown Universities, and beyond, are Trying, under the Mask of an “Undergradutate Student", to Silent Critics

The Medical Consequences of Narghile (Hookah, Shisha) Use in the World

New WHO Erroneous Peer-Reviewed US-Egyptian Expert Report Cites Pirated Version of Wikipedia...

An Emerging Deadly Trend : Waterpipe Tobacco Use…

A Few Tips on the Importance and Sensitiveness of the Hookah Issue and its Political and Social Consequences (Censorship, Opponents Silenced, etc.)

A Tribute to Ernst L. Wynder and Dietrich Hoffmann. The Narghile Decade

The Hookah and Health Tetralogy Package (Narghile, Shisha and Health) for only 10 EUROS: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Hookah and Health

Experts of the Establishment Make a Comeback... (Hookah Smoking and Health)

Beirut Shelled Again by New Devastating Study on Narghile Smoking. Inauguration of Junk Science Awards

Heading Towards an All-Out Revolution in Hookah Studies

The Birth of a New Profession: Anti-Fruits Smoking Activist

Happy New Year 2007 ! Welcome to the Empire of Global Lies, Hatred, Online Horror and on the Air !

World Health Organization Report on "Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking"

Video: Smoking (or Banning Smoking...) Can Really Damage Your Health !

Is Hookah Smoking a Communist Art ?

Hookah Smoking Cultural Problem First, Expert Says

Their “Opinion” and Ours. Their World and Ours

Hookah Smoking More Pocket Money-Friendly than Cigarettes, According to International Experts

Time to Oxygenate Your Lungs, Folks !

Hookah Smoking and Physical Health : Read Original Scientific Documents Because It is Good for Your Mental Health

Experts Say the Hookah Poses Much More Danger To Health Than Conventional Cigarettes

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Shake Your Carcinogens Baby, Shake !

Belly Dancing More Dangerous than Hookah Smoking !

Hookah and Lung Cancer

Lebanon : Water-Pipe Line to Youth ?

Hookah and Health : What You Should Know

Recommended Other Ressources

Sept 2001 Attacks Carried on by Hookah Smokers ?!

Hookah Use Prevention Model

Laugh !

Chemists and Biochemists of the World, Unite !

Narghile and Health: "Evidence" or Growing Confusion ?

Official Survey Reveals Scientists Misconduct Ranges from Faking Results outright to Dropping Suspect Data Points

Hookah and its Hazards for People

Tar, Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide, Metals, Carcinogens, etc.Vocabulary : Take Care !

«Drugs or alcohol is often added to the tobacco»


QUELQUES “TUYAUX” pour fumer plus “proprement”

Some Facts to Bear in Mind

Media and Pseudo-Scientific Propaganda Against HookahThe Origin of the Hookah "Epidemic"

A Critical Review of Scientific Literature on Narghile (Shisha, Hookah, Waterpipe) from its Origins to Date

Recently published review of scientific studies on hookah narghile shisha water-pipe:

A FEW TIPS to smoke safer (knowing that only pure air is safe !) if you cannot refrain from smoking

Let's Ban the Bloody Marseillaise [French Anthem] and Sing Together the Revolutionary Peaceloving Lyrics re-Written by Graeme Allwright & Sylvie Dien

LAST NEWS on the Observatory on Hookah and Health (continuously updated)

Our Policy of Scientific Criticism

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